about me 

Height: 5'7.5"   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black

My goal has always been to properly showcase authentic Chinese American talent in all areas of life. 

the focus is change within change in order to motivate and educate worldwide, especially the young generations to come. 

Self-confidence is key in achieving any success as well as becoming a positive voice in one's community. 


you can educate faster through the medium of film than via a book.


i do this through the path of the martial arts and as a creative artist.


this is definitely not the traditional "chinese" way to success.


i take on this challenge to break those rules. 

 the works 


Team Avatar Films |   The Smuggler   |   2020  |   Co-Star


VWC Pictures  |  Essence of Time  |   2020   |   Director+ Principal


Ice Angel Productions  |   The Conspiracy  |   2019  |   Co-Star

Ikebi Films   |  9 Lives   |   2019  |   Supporting + Stunts

Ikebi Films  |  Gold Mountain   |   2018  |   Supporting 

Shihang Qu/Academy Art |  Lumen   |   2017  |   Supporting 


Shihang Qu/Academy Art |  Stardust  |   2016  |   Principal

Liam Forest |  Stardust  |   2016  |   Principal + Fight Choreographer


The Floor Store  |   2020   | Supporting |


Celebrity X Cruises  |   2019  |   Principal 

FitBit   |   2015  |   Supporting 


 Training & Workshops 

Michele Juskowitz Acting Studios - Michele Juskowitcz

The Actor's instinct - George Gallagher 


“The ScreenWriter's Toolkit” Creative live studios - Jim Denault

“Inside Filmmaking”  creative live studios - Illeana Douglas

arnold chon fight & action seminars 

Muay Thai Kickboxing: Sasiprapa muay thai Gym (Thailand) 

Evolve Training Center (San francisco bay area) 

Contemporary JKD/Filipino Martial Arts: Progressive Fighting Systems



san francisco police department 

 Special Skills 

Martial Arts (Muay Thai Kickboxing, Grappling, Mixed Martial Arts) 


owner of vwc muay thai & fitness


functional fitness and sport performance coach 


Fight & Action Choreographer

Action Film creator




Defensive Tactics


Former Law Enforcement and white house intern




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